Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walk For Sight 10.10.2010 (Part 1)

Last Sunday, 10.10.10 was a good day for everything! No matter is for wedding, housing ceremony or any functions also considered as good day! So Lions, Lioness and Region 1, 2, 3 Leos were carrying out the Walk For Sight 10.10.10 in conjunction of the World Sight Day! This time I was there earlier and had experienced to be blind!
Early in the morning, there many walkers be there ready for the walk!
Photo above were my friend YB Ivan, Tong Yao and Sun Sun.
Before the walk, there were some warming up dances provided by the organizer. OMG the dance commander was so cool and he danced funny lead everyone danced together! Good. About 10 remix songs were ready for the dance session.
Leo Club of Georgetown Central and Leo Club of PCGHS were there set up a booth for charity selling. They were selling breads, egg tarts, 100 plu, garlic bread and mushroom soup too! Wow... but the selling price was a bit high la.. Charity mah! XD.
Later on the VIPs arrived to the venue. TYT Abdul Rahman, YB Phee, YB Koay and YB Liew were there with the R1 Chairperson Lion Ong hosted the opening ceremony of this event! Walk For Sight 10.10.10 rocks!
Before we started to walk, every Leos and Lions were gathered together for the group photos... The funny things were most of the Leo Clubs were taking up their banner on top to appear on the newspaper headline or even blog medias. Part 2 will be up soon, please stay tuned... Posted by GenYong 17.10.2010

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