Wednesday, March 3, 2010

过大好年。槟城庙会 Pre-CNY Celebration (P.2)

Have a good year!
Hello guys, time moves fast even though CNY has over I not yet finished on the CNY blog post and many more to go! I try to finished it by this March first term holidays. Now I am facing exam and studies are urgent for me! So I might not be update so frequently. Now I try to show you the CNY celebration organized by Guang Ming Daily.

Let us continue to the part 2 and look through the celebrations. That day really have a lot of things to play out in the small compound. Lots of celebrities came to do the performance and I am sure that everyone was happy on that day.
The Tee Kong praying method was shown on that day too. You can see how the people pray Tee Kong 天公 and what did they prepared on praying Tee Kong. Jade Emperor is the main god in our chinese history. So most of the Hokkien people will pray it on the 8th night of CNY.

The interesting games were attracted most of the children and citizens play on. The easy steps needed on games and really can see they were so fun playing on it! Those children with the help from their parents and did a good job! I think the organizer prepared the good games for every ages of people.
You can see that children and citizens also enjoy on the event!
Full of good words bless you all 平安,be safe.
好 means good and hopefully in the tiger year all the best to you!
You must happy 快乐 in the tiger year 虎年!
The CNY Lanterns.
There were some PRO-calligraphers performing too.
The symbol by mandarin oranges on the tar road!
Check out the next update of Part 3. Happy March and happy exam together good luck for those candidates. 考试顺利,加油!Posted by GenYong 03.03.2010


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