Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CNY 1st Day 大年初一

Hey guys,
The time really moves fast, the 1st term is going to over soon. The holidays are coming anyway, so what's your up next planning after the exam? I not really want to talk back about exam because this term test really make me down! I can't afford so much stress and the bad results. I promised next time I will really try my very best!

By the way, I hope you don't mind I bring you back to the CNY atmosphere. I try to complete until the day 4 of CNY and make you look through what I was doing during CNY!
The Cards.
The day time I didn't take photos because busy visiting relatives and not really have the mood to take photos. So I took the night time photos which play some poker cards with my sister. Let's see what we are playing on?
We're playing Big 2.
Later on my sister was act like Lady Gaga which suits the theme of poker face! LOL. She was so cute on that time then I took a snap on her.
She is Yik Shin (Shin Yong).
Then after that we went to my aunt house for visiting? perhaps? I only know I go there and welcome my KL cousins! Chit chatting but no gambling. XD! Watching movie there, sharing features and using the touch screen PC in my uncle's room!

The rich guy's house outside Regency Height.
The money tree in my aunt's house! Huat ah... LOL.
So you have to check out the next post which I describe about the CNY Day 2. Make sure you check it out! =)Posted by GenYong 10.03.2010

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