Thursday, March 11, 2010

CNY 2nd Day 大年初二

Hey guys, what do you think happened on the day 2 of CNY? My grandma was having a ceremony of "Open Year" which direct means "开年". I don't know how to explain what's this but I think it's a very traditional ceremony for chinese. That day my grandma's house was really lively and all my aunts and uncles came. I collected quite a number of angpaos on that day too... Let looks at my grandma's house atmosphere.
That's my grandma's shop house view. Actually I took this shot with my cousin(Wei Dee's) DSLR 1000D. I plan to take this as a competiton but finally I cancelled it due to some problems. It's full of heritage feel right? So I am living at heritage house too... XD!
Credited from Wei Dee.
He is my cousin Kevin Choe.
The reunion lunch! Yummy =)
My aunt with EOS-1000D.
Cousins start eating.
Cousin Kevin Choe show off his angpaos! XD.
Credited from Wei Dee.
Later we went to visit my grandma's siblings and send the good message to them. As well for us for sure was getting more angpaos! So let see what's the little boy doing. He was quite polite and sometimes might also naughty just like my aunt said that he was too hyperactive. XD!
The boy.
Myself facing to the camera. LOL! Gosh, my red eye.
The boy was so cute and he served everyone the biscuits.
Lastly he smiled to the camera with holding the biscuits.
I thought those children are hard to handle for photography, but this little boy was quite welcome for photo shooting! I quite like him and I have to advice him not to be so naughty! XD. So ends here for Day 2. Posted by GenYong 11.03.2010

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