Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March 2010

Time moves fast, CNY over and now is the time to start on new month new chapter again. Today is the first day of March and also say goodbye to CNY 2010. The happy time has over and now what we facing are exams! My school exams will start on this coming friday 5th of March. Seriously I can say I can't handle it! Because I not prepared, catch no ball on those new subjects and so on. I have less confidence on this coming test, so now I have to put on my effort to work hard on those subjects.
1st Term Test 2010
Many people say now is time to study, we may stop playing something and stop online for while. Just a week, not a big problem right? So I think I will less updating my blog start now until exam ended. So wish everyone Happy Exam! =)

Posted by GenYong 01.03.2010

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