Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CNY 3rd Day 大年初三

The first two days of the CNY, I keep on visiting my relatives. Then the 3rd day, I should be at home but my dad drove us to Weld Quay to see the Pisces yacht. Wow information from my dad, he said that The Pisces Star Cruise yacht was launched by the Genting group. Inside this yacht, there have rooms for KTV and also Casino. You can really enjoy your one whole night there either with family or couple or even friends! =)
The new Swettenham Port after renovated. Now those large yacht can easily move near to this port and enable all the star cruisers to enjoy their day in Star Cruise.
CNY Day 3 by GenYong.
The view of Pisces.
CNY Day 3 by GenYong.
The new port.
CNY Day 3 by GenYong.
As you can see there were workers up there busy washing the window of Pisces.
I really proud to be Penangite who was so lucky to stay on island. We can easily come to seaside and beach or even everyday we pass by the coastal highway. Penangites really lucky compare to mainland people or even the big city Kuala Lumpur. So we must appreciate our sea and keep it be clean let's our next generation to enjoy it too! Posted by GenYong 17.03.2010

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