Saturday, February 7, 2009

The shame for Barisan Nasional

Hey guys, due to the politics problem that happened in Perak make me hot tempered and would like to write about the politics blog post. As last year I get the solution that almost citizens would like to change the government, so they voted for Pakatan Rakyat. That also caused the BN lost 5 states of government on 308!

However Pakatan Rakyat not yet be the government for one year in the Perak state and now they were collapsed and get betrayed by 4 politicians. Since the week of CNY, this disputes has begin and acted until BN won back the state government and the new Menteri Besar already be sworn in under the agreement of Sultan Perak.

Recently, there were 2 past PKR politicians missing themselves and also 1 past DAP politician was said she will stand on the Pakatan Rakyat side. But seems this not being true as well! All what they mentioned were let the electorate disappointed. From my opinion, when last Sunday I heard that those politicians were missing and I started to guess it will be changed for the politics system in Perak.

This case happened was acted by who? Do you know who planned this? Is our future Prime Minister Dato Najib Bin Abdul Razak. Since he was hold the UMNO of Perak District, this is what he have done. In two weeks before, there was one UMNO politicians joined the PKR right? Dato Nasa. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was believe his truthful and welcome him to join PKR. But this also caused the case happened! Anwar Ibrahim get cheated by UMNO. I think they purposely is to called Dato Nasa to go and get the Pakatan Rakyat politicians out.

Besides that, this was the terrible politics happened within the 52 years since Malaysia Merdeka. Do you know what the skill that BN used for attracting the Pakatan Rakyat politicians to join them? They gave those who support the BN RM3000K with the state seat in Perak. As you can see that the figure was not a small figure! BN is always using money to attract the other politicians to support them! This was their bad skill.

For the Pakatan Rakyat side, Menteri Besar of Perak Dato Nizar was sad that this case happened in Perak. I saw his photos in newspaper was sadly cried out. Almost everyone was feeling not fair for this politics. But there was no point because of the Sultan Perak refused to dismiss the states government and make another by-election. As the Pakatan Rakyat leaders were shocked that this will happened on them.

Yesterday was the new Menteri Besar Zambry sworning ceremony held in the Istana Perak. Actually this MB was not legality and treated is a cheat from Pakatan Rakyat. One problem that I found is how come the BN government was so excited to take over the state government. Can't they give the Pakatan Rakyat government sometimes maybe one week to clean up the office and return all the assets? I don't know why still got this reason!

As BN was using the tricky skill to get the state government and I believe this was the shame for them. From my opinion if still have another by-election or General Election upcoming, BN will not won anymore! Trust me. They used those bad skills to take over the government but suppose to let the voters elect again for the decision from citizens in Perak.

Do you know why they don't want to do so? Because of they scared they will lose again. That's the bad skill from UMNO. I really don't know after Pak Lah retired and Najib be the Prime Minister what will happened in Malaysia next. As well as now Pakatan Rakyat leaders were aiming for the overall government and challenge for the legality of the new state government formed. I hope them can be successful!

Last but not least, politics was a tricky and dirty games. So this time BN really shamed themselves to people, will people still vote for them in upcoming General Election? I don't think so, maybe they will lose all. XD!

p/s: The above text was just only from my opinion, I am not going to make a quarrel in country. Read it and comment if you want, if you don't like it can you just ignore it? Thank you!

Pakatan Rakyat is always my support! Posted by GenYong 07.02.2009


M-Factor said...

Do you think they will learnt? BN stands for BABI NEGARA and BABI don't think! We all know BN, especially UMNO is the chicken of all! People now are a lot smarter than what they think, which is the main cause for their defeat! Of course they are afraid of another by-election because Abd Najis Razak is to become PM within a month's time! If he don't win something, it's difficult for him to convince UMNO that he's the correct choice as next PM. Also why are they so excited about? Because they can finally get ONE over Pakatan Rakyat! That's why, and it's by like you said, dirty tactics! We all know, and 3 years isn't a long time! Let's wait! Patient..... BN / UMNO won't lose all, but except SOME of UMNO members, I don't see any others voting for them!

GenYong said...

@MFactor I agree with you. They are totally don't know how to think. I hate UMNO, they used all tricky skills. We hope that the Pakatan Rakyat will won overall government in upcoming General Election. Let's wait!

M-Factor said...

Yup yup! 3 years will past by very fast and i can't wait to humiliate those BABIs again!

Thanks for your comment too! Catch u again!

M-Factor said...

One request! Can you take that piglet photo away! I hate that idiot's smile there! Thanks..... Hehe...

GenYong said...

You mean the top photos of Najib? haha Piglet! Good name. Yes it's true! okay I take away

Boon Kheng said...

It's all about money politics! In UMNO party elections the candidates bribe divisions to nominate them. In GE, Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu by-election they use money to buy over votes. This time money is used to tempt elected reps to quit their party and/or jump ship.

Don't forget, it's our money used! They are using our money for their selfish short term gain!

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