Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Campbell Street Open House Part 2

Yesterday it was a good night for the prayers who pray to Tian Kong. As me I don't managed to go Chew Jetty because it's too late and my dad need to rest as he is working today. This morning I read the newspaper and I found that there was crowded in Chew Jetty last night. Many photographers, bloggers and YBs gathered at there and prayed together. Get the wishes from Tian Kong.

For me at home and plurking always with Kenny, Yong Seng and more buddies. They were making jokes along and create something for Tee Kong. Writing a blog for Tee Kong and present many photos to Tian Kong! Really funny them. =) They let me have a wonderful night without going out.

Continue with the campbell street photos show up.
Lim Kit Siang
YAB Lim Kit Siang and his partner. There was many people want to shake hand with him. That's sure for me as well, I managed to take this shot but couldn't shake hand with him. Although no chance, I believe there will have next chance coming. XD!

You should ask me how come didn't take the shot of Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. I have take the shot but due to the camera problem and crowded that time caused the quality not good, that's why I didn't show up.
Night scenery
Wow! It was a nice night scenery along the Campbell Street. People crowded along the street and something like Pasar Malam, but it was more standard! LOL. I like the decorations of the management, they hang up the lanterns and lighten it at night. Have the CNY feel along the street!
2nd Assist. Chief Minister
Our dearest 2nd Assist. Chief Minister. Am I right? That's really I still not so recognize with our state government committees. But I hope have the chance to meet them and know them more. Meeting them at Komtar Level 53, that's shouldn't be any problem right? XD
Another YBs. As well as you are the YBs, many people will manage to shake hand with you and called out your name.
Before the YBs came in, I found that there was a competition of making lanterns which Chai Wei participated. The above picture figured out one woman was holding the processed lanterns with her maid(i think) to complete the lanterns making.
Cam here
Make cool
Yes! Is them again. When I explore my photos, I found that I take the shot of this group was many. They were making the funny action non stop which can let us imagine how last time the people acted. Maybe for our grandparents younger time, they dressed like that. Classical!
The event still continue until midnight 12.00am if I was not mistaken. As well my blog post will be continue and hope that everyone celebrated the happy Pai Tee Kong last night. Happy Ox Year. Posted by GenYong 03.02.2009

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