Monday, February 2, 2009

Penang State Government CNY Open House Part 1

Last Thursday, I ensure many of you were going to the CNY celebration in Campbell Street. How about yesterday night? The annual CNY celebration in heritage sites, did you going? As well tonight many hokkiens and people will praying 天公'Tian Kong', that's also included me. Although I am not hokkien, I followed my grandmum to pray!

Anyway, that day I shooted quite a lot of photos. Due to the quality, I was not so agree with my skill in shooting at night. By the way, I hope that later I go Chew Jetty will get the features shot. Now let's me show you some random pick of the photos.
Campbell Street
While I walked in the Campbell Street, I saw the people, the stuffs and the performances. =) There were crowded of people walking here and there, chit-chatting with each other.
I managed to go into the queue and there were crowded of people there. Photographers, Reporters and Spectators were rushing to see the performances of Lion Dance. I felt so disappointing at them because that time they were not yet well trained. XD!

Hey yo~! Oldies. Guys and gals here, what are you pointing for? Just a pose? Haha. While I walked near to them, I felt more classic style around me! They were acting on the oldies and take photographs with people.
The two girls were performing 相声'Xiang Sheng' which means speaking to each other via funny dialogue and some emotion. What they were discussing there was how to be famous later. What idea to be famous? Give them suggestions. LOL
There was some Phor Tay Private School students training on their chinese yoyo skill to be performed on the stage. Looked is so easy to play but seriously let me to try out, I will broke the face of mine. Hahax! Really a good games and skill to be learnt.
My dad was looking back for the classic film. He told me that last time when one movie was going to view in cinema, the management will use broucher to promote the movie. They really spent alot of $$ on those printing. Luckily they got stored the printing, if not we have no chance to see it today.
That's one guy reading one book and the book was not the simple book as you think. I think it was the book that described something about Chinese and China side history. There were many people surrounded him and waiting for his writing or reading? Not sure.
There was many children and also teenagers waiting to make their own laterns by using angpows. Anyway, Chai Wei was participating in this creative competitions. It was a nice competitions but I don't realized it. Next year if got chance must call up me!
Lastly, I saw there was SJK(C) Boon Kai students get ready to perform the lion dance. The children lion dance team, my first time saw it! Although they were children, their performances were extremely like the professional. Trust me!

To be continued..... Posted by GenYong 02.02.2009


Boon Kheng said...

Wah Uncle Kit! Do you read his blog 1?

GenYong said...

Err... ya! Knowing politicians is good. Am i right? haha, joking! XD. Thanks for comment!

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