Sunday, February 22, 2009

Footprint on the beach

In passed CNY, my aunt was invited us to have dinner at Teluk Kumbar 公巴好友海鲜 At there you can enjoy the seaside view playing the sand on beach and walk to the sea. That's really nice and interesting. I took some shot at there and enjoy the scenery view to sea. My sister also did shout out all the wishlist to sea and hope it will be true in one day!

I did something special and enjoy while standing on the beach. The wave keep coming up to my leg and make my leg have the sand and that's really a good feel. I did some of my handprint and footprint there but meanwhile I think there was disappear. It's full of natural attractive and enjoy yourself there!
The nice sea view at Teluk Kumbar. Do you have the chance to step on the beach in Gurney? I think almost no! Come to Teluk Kumbar you can enjoy all the features here, stepping on the beach sand, walk along the beach and walk to the sea!
I put down my camera and this shot. I like the effect that shows the boat was at the high! You can imagine that the sand at the beach was so smooth and really nice!
Seaside pose
I took a pose there too. I been there on last few year before this kopitiam being popular. My cousin was taking some photos there a lont time ago(2 years). That time I not yet own a camera so now is the first shot for me at there!
Walking along the beach
I did some beach shot for my sister. She was walking along the beach and bring out the good place for dating enjoy-ing and shouting out all that you want! Is much of freedom, you will enjoy there =)
My leg
I took the photo of my leg standing on the beach. Do you like my slipper? LOL. The feel when you step on the beach is so cool and might not balance but bring out the special feel!
That's my footprint. Due to the softness of the sand, whenever any footprint, handprint or anything will stay there for awhile. After that the waves was coming to 'destroy' it. It's a nice and cool natural effect!
Foot in sea water
I did walk near to the sea. I experienced my leg was in the sand and the sea water. It's a good feel and I realized that this was full of freedom.
Little things
Besides that, we found one little things on the beach while the waves was coming up. I believe this fish had not enough oxygen and lack of water, caused it died. Really kesian! We tried to bring it down to the sea but waves keep bring it up again!
Random shot
There were some random shots to show the nice effect on beach. There was one lady standing there and enjoy. For the city living person, you should come and try this out, it's really a nice feel for you.
I did my handprint on the beach too.

I like this place because it can let us do something that special and have the freedom feel. Stepping on the beach and watch on the sea view is an enjoyable habit. I hope that this place wouldn't be polluted and the developers don't spoil the natural effect on the beach. Tourists should visit this place! For sure hope state government can conserve it! Posted by GenYong 22.02.2009


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