Friday, February 20, 2009

Penang CNY Open House Part 2

Yo~! guys, it is coming another weekends now. So what are you planning to do then? Enjoy your weekends holiday. For me tomorrow actually can be considered as a quite free day because today I managed complete all the work in school. So I hope can enjoy myself in the morning session while weekly activity running on! Leo Club General Meeting.

As usual continue with the recent post, showing you some belated CNY open house photos and refresh your mind. Enjoy you coming to end New year mood and exam mood is coming. Add oil to everyone!

Penang Heritage Site Open House
Hakka City? Hakka is belongs to my dialect. I am a hakka! Do you know how to speak? =)
Penang Heritage Site Open House
I found this was interesting that many graduated teenagers were trying to pour the chinese tea for public to taste about. I like the effort of boiling and patient of waiting then pouring and serving to public.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Can you imagine the crowded on that night?
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Where I come is the Ho Teik Chi. Haha! I snapped this without flash and visit inside found many features.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Wow, many uncles were shouting there on Tua Pek Kong. They said pray Tua Pek Kong can kena 4D and everything is good in future later. I believe that and my dad drop some $$ and get the small piece of angpow. There was many people praying there!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Lion Dance performances bring out besides Cheah Kongsi which the street name is Cannon Street. Quite a nice performance and I believe they practised alot before the show time! Good job =)
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Were you hungry on that time? The Khoo Kongsi sponsored out some dishes via buffet for that night visitors. Serving lots also not enough, this was one penangites bad habit, they rushed for lots and the first! Don't learn from it. =) Posted by GenYong 20.02.2009


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