Thursday, July 24, 2008

Art Stuffs.

Three more days no blog le! So now I quickly blog it before I go to sleep! Alright, what I want to show you today is the art stuffs that's my wood crafting stuffs! This stuffs caused my hand get injured few times! But today finally completed! p/s actually long time ago I already completed! Is just tidy up the overall of the stuffs.
This is my 'first edition' of the art stuffs. is it nice? But is quite not smooth, I want to smoothen it!
Still ok la hor? haha!
No time! Just simply write here. Each angle view!
Like this look is more ugly! Hahax. Actually not really la right?

Attention here all my readers, I will stop blogging starting from next week onwards. Maybe this post is the last post before I go and have my exam on the first week of August. So hope everyone won't missed me la! If you miss me can call me by phone! Hahax. Subscribe my feeds! Nicholas Chan's Blog also your choice! Come here more and comment! Thank you! Posted by GenYong 24/07/2008

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