Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geography Project, all stuffs!

Recently I was so busy on my school stuffs and my club society stuffs. Last week, I passed up the Geography project and now still have two projects with me. I hope can slowly do through this wonderful and tired July! Haha. Just now, I was afraid that my stuffs and my confident lose after received that the football club secretary message. What he said and make me so disappointed? It's all about the coming outdoor football match which held on September. Alright, let me show you the stuffs.
The header of the assignments project. SMJK CHUNG LING, PULAU PINANG is compulsory to put up. But the KAJIAN GEOGRAFI TEMPATAN ..... is I like to put it up and become more formal. Is it right?
This time the title is called us to describe about the pollution of environment in our nearby neighbourhood. So I done this project within one month that I think so. But almost is last minute work.
There you will know what is my full name le. But hopefully you all call me as GenYong better and please do not 'harm' my name! Thanks!
The overview of the project is like this! Is it just like cartoon style(kids) and inside is quite formal writing. When teacher give back to us, I will show you all the contents. Okay? Alright, I think the next post will be the Wood Crafting. Check it out yo.
p/s How was my new header for July? Any comment?
Posted by GenYong 09/07/2008


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