Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GenYong was singing along again!

Halo guys, is not nothing to post. Is just kinda tired now, but I need to post la! Alright, open this topic. Since last year my grandmum's birthday, I was singing through. Now mothers' day, I sang it too. I challenge for more hardly song. Such as some hokkien songs and also 背叛 These songs really hard to sing! Just see my performances:
Just look at me. Tried hardly to sing it well. Hahax. Really hardly to sing. But I like to challenge it! 我用背叛自己.....
This was the photos shot by my cousin. Is it nice? Okay okay la!
The group of teenagers with my grandmum. Seems my grandmum was so happy! Nice shot!

Anyway, this consider a short post. Good night everyone tomorrow have to attend activity. Bye! Posted by GenYong 27/05/2008

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