Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tao Dinner with Family

It was in last month, I first ever try the "eat all you can" buffet at Tao Cusine, E-Gate! It was so amazing and I was so full on that night. My personal opinion on this restaurant was using a good concept to attract people to be there!
Tao Cusine in Malaysia only have branch at KL and Penang. Penang have two one is at Auto City and another one is at E Gate! Good news to Georgetown people, Penang Times Square are going to have one Tao Cusine soon!
The menu provided in one people buffet set. One person cost around RM 60 and it was worth for you to try out all japenese style food, seafood as well and many many unique food! Worth it.
My uncle was the boss on that night. He invited me to there and try that!
We were looking for the top 10 food in the shop and ordered out everything. Since it was free some how looks like eating so shiok at there! The menu had designed out a lot of delicious food for customer to choose.
We had ordered several sea food that famous in Japan! Salmon fish, Yunagi, Tomago and some Japanese name that I don't know how to pronounce! xD. Anyway, we had a good dinner there =)
Besides that, we had ordered some delicious food to try out. I like the scallop very much, they baked the scallop with cheese materials. Some of the crispy food was so delicious and taste good!
My aunt, cousin and I in the photos after eating everything! We were showing the satisfied sign to the food that ate! xD.
My uncle's brother family.
My uncle, aunt and Keegan boy!
My uncle's brother and his wife!
OMG. That time I was not yet ready! xD...
My cousin in a peace sign!
There you see my uncle was a good photographer. He was holding the iPhone and camera when snapping on us! Both boss were awesome! =)
After having everything, we took a group photo with everyone! Cool thanks to the waitress helping us to take this photo. Anyway, it was a good restaurant which suits family to come over and had a reunion dinner.

*Tips for food ordering, you can order all the top 10 food out first and advice that not to order the sushi first because it will full up your stomach and caused you can't eat much! Take some snacks food. It was around RM 60 and eat all you can! You must go and try! =) Posted by GenYong 31.07.2011

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