Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Botanical Garden Morning Exercise

It was happened long time ago... about last month. My uncle called me to have a morning exercise with them to Botanical Garden. I was from the Penang South West Region which at Bayan Lepas area and I wasn't usually been Botanical Garden for exercise. It was a good exercising place for town people but if for me it's a bit far!
In the morning... My uncle drove me there with my aunt and my cousin Keegan to there to have a morning walk. Unfortunately, my sport shoes were spoiled at the moment of walking inside to Botanical Garden. Then I was bare my legs to walk for the whole distance.
My naughty cousin Keegan was there in the peace pose! Actually his aim was to play football with me. Kids playing football was fun! Seriously.
I managed to finish one round walking due to my bare walking there. Actually legs was not really pain but it seems to be itchy. Then I saw the tram was there, I think it was used to take tourists to visit the whole natural living there.
My uncle and cousin Keegan were in the photo! Father and son scene! =)
We were there playing "3-Aside" football! xD... Just kick to each other and make sure the football was not rolling to the river. After that we took a group photo using timing shot mode there. I don't know what action did my cousin pose there! LOL.
My uncle the whole family group photos. My aunt, uncle and their son Keegan boy!
I saw something interesting there. It was so nice and attracted me! I have been long time didn't go the Botanical Garden. It was changed a lot at the entrance of Botanical Garden. Previously it was a coffee shop located at the entrance to Penang Hill climbing zone but now everything turns to be so natural and so green!
Uncle family group photo!
My cousin and I! I like the background very much! =)
Botanical Garden was a good place to exercise, so whenever you're free this is recommended for you to be there and having a natural living and exercise there! Posted by GenYong 20.07.2011


benooi said...

I've never been to there quite awhile. Gonna get myself to there when I'm available

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