Saturday, July 30, 2011

Merdeka! LIKE the Merdeka Wishes

Yes... The month of August is coming soon! So are you ready to celebrate Merdeka Raya? This year Hari Raya Puasa is fall on the month of August and it was same date as Merdeka Day (Malaysia National Day). So as a Malaysian, do you love Malaysia???
Damansara Metro N.C Lions Club is having a "Merdeka Wishes" campaign in Facebook! If you are a Leo I think should know about this! Anyway, Damansara Metro N.C Lions Club (formerly named as Ipoh Metro N.C Lions Club) in the purpose of organizing such campaign actually was to develop the patriotism of the nations via this coming Merdeka day.
It is so simple to join the contest. You just need to Like the page of Damansara Metro N.C Lions Club and search for the Merdeka Wishes competition. Submit your photos with the words of patriotism. Use up your creative to send the message for nations!!

The competition was featured in TV1 too. Let's watch the video! =)


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