Saturday, February 13, 2010

Action Group Duty

Action Group is my school working group for those maintenance. Repairing windows, Repairing lights, Repairing tables and so on. Nothing we didn't do, and even we go and clean up the store room. Recent post I had post about 2 "YB" right? That's start from here everything. Let's see:
He is 'YB Chee'.
The working team.
We are called to clean up the Form 6 block store room for maybe renovation used. But actually is this our job? Is this a student job? Now holiday? Why should us do such this job? I don't know why... Maybe is our Action Group's responsibility. So we took it as a service job for Moral Project. We worked it as fun and clear everything out.
Moved out the rubbish.
Working together.
We cooperate together and moved out everything in the short while time. It is really dirty as you can imagine, we moved it carefully try to prevent any hurt on members. Besides that, we also took something to play out and make some funny jokes.
Clear all the dirty stuffs.
Pick up the rubbish.
Lastly we still pose together and snapped a photos after work! It's pretty cool and nice. I really glad that have a chance to snap this photo for those committees.
The future Hi-COM.
The Action Group.
Can you work like us? XD. We're the most hardworking! LOL Anyway, Happy New Year. Posted by GenYong 13.02.2010


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