Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Biology

Biology actually is a fun subject if you really understand the concepts and love living organism. For me this year I had extra 3 pure science subjects which definitely different from last year. I try to catch with those subjects because they might guide me to some jobs. I try to enjoy the lesson and understand what're going on.
Jerald Wong was observing the microscope
The teacher Mohd. Hafiz was so good until he involved himself in the experiment.
Last month, my Biology teacher Mohd. Hafiz (who taught Nicholas Chan last year) was guide us to the first experiment which involved cells. I was so lucky that day I managed to bring my camera into laboratory and snapped some photos.
The biology lesson was interesting when some experiments was carrying out. The good teacher guide us and told us how to conduct the experiment. After he explained we all starts our job immediately. Try not to waste time and enjoy the fun in laboratory!
That day we're doing the plant cells and animal cells which similar like what we did in form 1. Our school didn't have electrical microscope and we just manage to use light microscope to observe it! I felt so surprise that when I saw this scene.... it's really perfect! Good shot. Thanks Hin Yiu(monitor) of my class and he's really good in photography!
The golf competition and I could to join the concert tomorrow. Morning where all of you going? 

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