Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza (coming soon)

We're the Popcorn Family
Planet Popcorn Posters designed by Planet Popcorn Malaysia
No more guessing! It's Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza! :D Well, do you guys heard about Planet Popcorn? It's a new trend of popcorns that originated from Taiwan. Now the Planet Popcorn International Franchising Network has expanded to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and also Malaysia! It was started about a year ago in our country and it was popular in capital city, Kuala Lumpur. After celebrated the 1st anniversary, they planned to extend the business to outstation as well. The 1st one will be at Penang!
Planet Popcorn Poster (20 days) designed by me
I was designed quite a lot of posters for the Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza before their opening. Guess what?Because it is another store that opened by my boss! The same boss as La Kaffa and Chatime. I was his worker and I played my role on promoting and sharing too. I love design and I try my designing skill on those posters. Not bad right? xD
Designs from Day 19-Day 10
All those posters are done by myself! Flashback for my artworks, I feel so glad and proud of myself! LOL. I know my design ain't good and I am still learning on more advance designing skill. Even myself also can't believe I can make it... Too bad until 10 days counting down the FB Page Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza was joined into Planet Popcorn Malaysia and I have no more chance to post up my productions there!

It's alright, I still can post on my timeline. Not a big problem! Well, talk back about the Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza. We are having the opening soon! Penangites do check it out for more details! :D
Actually we're planned the date for opening on 8th November 2012, but due to the renovation and technical problems, we have to delay our opening date. But we promised we will serve you soon with the best manner! You may check us out in Gurney Plaza Basement! 
The progression of Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza. 
#For more details, you may check out the official FB Page of Planet Popcorn Malaysia. Thank you! 
See you there when the store is having the opening! I will be there! :D Posted by GenYong 07.11.2012


Camy said...

great one :D

GenYong said...

@Camy yup it's great! Did you try it before since it was opened?

Anonymous said...

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