Monday, November 5, 2012

Yeoh Jetty Mooncake Festival Celebrations

Mooncake Festival? This was happened about a month ago. Actually I was joining the mooncake festival celebration with my parents at Yeoh Jetty. Yeoh Jetty is another street or another jetty next to Chew Jetty. It's pretty cool like Chew Jetty but just not well developed or well protected. On 23rd September, the Yeoh Si Association were held a mooncake festival celebration there for the purpose of having fun together with the Yeoh Jetty residents.
The day before the events and it was my birthday... I was accompanied my dad to the town and bought for some lanterns from Wan Lee Brothers which located opposite Prangin Mall. Well, I wondered that nowadays the kids are so happy to have the fancy kind of lanterns for mooncake festival. For my childhood time, I just play the classic one and once it burns, I changed a new one! No hard feeling of lost a fancy lantern! But since I am primary, I seldom play lanterns already! :D
#1 The temple in front of Yeoh Jetty.
It was a surprise, I was appointed to be the MC on that night. I was like shocked and how could I be the MC for this event? But after calming down my mind, I accepted the job and try to conduct the event smoothly. Most of the kids were there and also some of their parents too. Hopefully my voice won't be too bad for them! xD
#2 The organizer had prepared the food and dinner for all the participants.
#3 The lanterns were hanging around the venue to show that the festival atmosphere is there.
#4 The inner look of Yeoh Jetty, quite similar like Chew Jetty, isn't it?
#5 The event was held beside the temple which prepared with the good sound system as well.
#6 We had prepared the lanterns for all the kids as well, not the fancy one but the classic one!

I was hosting the hold event for that night and arranged for the schedule to let the organizer to give the speech and as well to cheer up the audience. It's not easy! Well, I just performed my best and also sang for 2 songs on that night! Epic cool...
#7 All the people started to have their dinner as everyone was hungry at that time.
#8 After dinner, all the kids were taking their respective lanterns to walk around to the Yeoh Jetty with the accompany of their parents.
#9 The night view from Yeoh Jetty. Not very nice because of my camera.


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