Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chatime Penang Family

Chatime was so familiar to me! That's my previous workplace! I worked in Chatime for 3 months starting from 2nd February until 30th April 2012. The 3 months of working moments let me learnt a lot of things! I was glad to meet the all colleagues there as they were all my working senior, they were all friendly and nice people. They taught me how to make a nice drink for customers and also the serving manner to customers!
She is Sy Yi, who taught me on how to shake the mixed drinks, how to add ingredients, how to measure the drinks and many more since I was there from 1st day! She's a nice girl and kind to help us always! Quite fun working with her!
HooiShuang who was working with me for around 2 months. A nice girl who really can do a lot of works, but yet she needs time to polish her skill on making drinks! Good but need to keep it up ya! =)
Mr Lee my boss that own the shops in Chatime Queensbay Mall and also Chatime Gurney Plaza. Now he is expanding his business in making La Kaffa in Ipoh and also coming soon in Penang! I was glad to know him and he was a kind boss! He very take care of his shop, talk about drink quality, cleanliness and many more things. Of course he also care of us! 

She's my bro Jessie Foo. She is quite a famous person in Penang, quite popular in Facebook. She actually was born in Ipoh Perak. She's quite a nice girl who act like a boy! I usually called her as Liu Li Yang who's the celebrities from China. Her look was so similar with the celebrity! She's good in understanding people and always be friend with me! She's from Chatime Gurney Plaza and sometimes will come to Chatime Queensbay Mall for replacement.
She's Anne, she was originally came from Sarawak and also a sarawakian. She knows how to speak English, Malay and some korean language. We usually speak with her in English and she always reply us in Chinese. Cool! She's quite a nice girl and cute in talking way! She's also from Chatime Gurney Plaza and just came to Chatime Queensbay Mall as replacement.
She is Li Zing who is from Kedah that same hometown with Sy Yi and Hooi Shuang. She was enrolled to Chatime Queensbay Mall after me that same time with Hooi Shuang. Both of them were take care themselves during working. Li Zing is quite a smart girl and she is able to handle the kitchen stuffs! Keep it up, Li Zing!
She is Gui Ning who is still study as a secondary student. She worked as a part time and only work in weekends. She is same age with my sister and also studying in the same school with my sister. Quite a friendly girl and also experienced in handling the shops stuffs like serving customers, making drinks and take orders.
June Koeh... My best bro in Chatime. He taught me a lot of things and helped me to solve a lot of problems too. I was glad to learn something new from him and he also taught me that how to work smart and being loyal to company. He's good in managing the stocks for Chatime and he's also the Chatime Penang Production Manager! He will be handling all stuffs about production and also the stocks!
He is Max who is now working at La Kaffa Ipoh. He was the supervisor in Chatime Penang before. Working for two places that are Queensbay Mall and also Gurney Plaza. He is a nice guy and he was like my bro in Chatime. Showing me the skill of making a good drink, brought me to Ipoh and help out at La Kaffa! Thank you Max and I was glad to know you as my friend as well!
He is Khin, a Myanmar worker who worked in Malaysia for 3 years and joined in Chatime for 1 year. He is the god of the kitchen! He will be handling everything in the kitchen, preparing tea, preparing ingredients and many more stuffs. He is a nice guy and I always joke and help him along while I am in kitchen! His language was funny and I always laugh when he was talking with his friend on phone! Thank you Khin for teaching me how to cook the tea and prepare for ingredients!
She is Colly Lim who graduated from Form 6 and waiting for the enrollment of University. She worked for about half year since January and she is also an experience worker at Chatime. Some of the drinks procedure was taught by her! She's quite a serious girl and take everything in serious mode. Good one!
Lastly, this is my grandma in Chatime who was my chief supervisor. She is a kind person who taught me a lot of things also. But when she's working, she will be really serious and really can scold you if you do anything wrong. But now she has being better to newbies. I was so glad to meet Ai Yu as my supervisor and thank you her for teaching me a lot of skill on doing a good drinks! She also taught me on how to talk with customer while standing pose and taking orders. Thank you very much, grandma!

Lastly I have learnt a lot of things from Chatime and I hope that one day later I can go back there and work again! As now I am a Chatime fan too! Supporting Chatime everywhere, everytime! =) Chatime, the best tea always... Posted by GenYong 12.06.2012


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