Monday, November 5, 2012

My 18th Birthday Celebrations

Yeah! Finally I have the chance to blog about my 18th birthday celebrations. It was happened about a month ago (22.09.2012), I am so sorry for delaying those blog post. My 18th Birthday, not a special one but it's meaningful... I don't know why will have the feeling of comfortable once you are celebrating birthday with family. It was so nice and relaxing! :D
#1 We went to Burmah Road to buy some tarts before proceeding for my birthday celebrations/
#2 Here is the place we went! It's Hai Nan Western Food which originated from Mount Erskine, this was their branch that located at Terengganu Road (near Heng Ee High School). 
#3 We had ordered ourselves the set dinner and also some snacks like garlic bread with mushroom soup.
#4 I had myself a set of Chicken grilled with sauce. I forgot the name of it but just remember of something like "Paris Style Grilled Chicken".. xD
#5 My dad ordered himself a plate of Grilled Trio set... which contained of Grilled Fish, Grilled Chicken and also Grilled Lamb. I tried... It was nice too!
#6 My sister ordered a plate of Chicken Cordon Bleu. Not bad but just a bit dry.
#7 Yes I am the Birthday boy!
Actually on that night I was surprise there was another team of people celebrating her friends birthday as well in that restaurant. I wished to celebrate together with them but end up I just blow the cake myself with my family. The main reason is because I don't know them well and the feeling of paiseh also! So just holding a cake and snapped photos will do.
#8 Photos with my parents and thanks to them for giving me the opportunities to share the happiness with them in this 18 years and I promised I will be better me in the future.
#9 Photos with my sister and my mum... I am glad to have a cute and caring sister. Although she is younger than me, she knows how to support me in such events and activities too. I have such a good sister and good mum too! :D

After the dinner, since it was Saturday night and we went to Straits Quay for a simple outing. Relax ourselves after a week of working days, and we seldom be there also. That's why we took the chance to visit there again. 
#10 Straits Quay, the waterfront shopping complex in Penang.
#11 Straits Quay is a nice place to take photos. 
This is my family group photo that taken by someone.
#12 It was the Volkswagen fair there! See the red bettle!
#13 I made my first time to Chatime Galleria at Straits Quay. 
I will blog more about it soon.
#14 Straits Quay is a good place for promotions too. That time was mooncake festival and many booths selling mooncakes and attracted the crowds of people.
#15 When you come to Straits Quay, this is a must visit place! A place for your to enjoy walking with your loved ones, chit chatting out your feeling, enjoying the sea breeze too.
#16 The nice interior lightings in the atrium of the mall. 
It was full of lanterns and the colourful lightings!
#17 Wow LIKE A BOSS owning The Volkswagen Bettle. My dad has taken the photo for me and it looks like I owned the car... xD!
#18 The interior look of Volkswagen Bettle... It was a nice car. and it's good for couples! It looks so sporty and suits for teens.
#19 The engine parts of The Bettle. It was really cool and tidy and really looks different like the normal cars in the market now.
#20 Besides that, there was exhibited the Volkswagen Golf GTI too... It looks bigger and suitable for family. But the price is not affordable for my family yet, maybe when I get the great job in the future, I will consider of buying it... still long time to go. xD!

I was glad to have family with me to celebrate my 18th birthday. I was disappointed couldn't have the chance to celebrate my birthday with my friends but I hope next year I have more friends to celebrate with me. Thanks to my parents and sisters who always stay with me and cheer me up! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 05.11.2012


Camy said...

happy belated birthdayy!

GenYong said...

@Camy yes Camy thank you very much for the wishes... Btw, it was long time ago la! haha

LuPorTi said...

Happy belated birthday to you!

Johnny Allen said...

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