Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Georgetown Festival 2012 (Part 1)

Georgetown Festival is an annual event for Penang since year 2008. 7th of July is also declared as a public holiday for Penang States by the State Government. As well for this day, in Georgetown the Heritage Site will be having a series of events celebrating the UNESCO awarding Georgetown as one of the World Heritage Sites.
There a lot of booths setting up for the festival along the Rope Walk Street. It was the 2nd year having such event at this street. I still remember last year I was there and I did write up for this festival too.
#1 There were some booth selling the artistic items and attracted the visitors.
#2 There were a Penang famous artist who was busy illustrating portraits.

#3 There was a crowd in front of Chong Tian Heritage Hotel. Chong Tian Hotel also provided buffet to visitors with just only RM 28.00
There a lot of things to explore actually, this festival also attracted many photographers to capture for the cultural photos shooting. It turned the silent street became alive, Georgetown is alive! :D
#4 Something about chinese culture, what's your surname and where did the ancestors come from? 
#5 I was there as a volunteer to help out with my dad for Yeoh Si Association.
#6 Those kids in traditional dress-up which full of colours.
#7 Famous Satay from Balik Pulau also be there. Even the satay seller also dressed up. 
The people there were exciting to welcome the Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. Those artistic performers also dressed up with the traditional chinese culture costume to welcome the VIPs.
#8 Waiting for VIPs to be arrived.
#9 The "Jade Emperor" was guiding VIPs to enter the street festival.
#10 Here come the VIP, CM Lim Guan Eng with a smile to greet everyone.
#11 CM Lim was friendly to citizens, he keep on shaking hands with people.
#12 Where CM goes, there were cameras around him and also his loyalty followers.
#13 It was a sudden crowd and many people was glad to see CM came.
#14 The ceremony is going to start soon.
#15 All the VIPs are ready for the event. 
Well, I end up this post for Part 1 and there will have another part will be posted in next. I hope you enjoy those photos of Georgetown Festival. Do stay tuned for the next blog post! :D Posted by GenYong 19.09.2012


Camy said...

so fun!!!!!

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