Monday, September 17, 2012

Chung Ling 95th Anniversary Carnival

Sorry for the late updates, Chung Ling High School was celebrating it's 95th Anniversary on the month of July which fall on the same date with Georgetown Festival. That day the Penang Island was full of events and caused traffic jams too.

#1 The Amazing Robot... looks like a guy standing there and did some actions

#2 Robotic Machine Playing Rubik's Cube.

#3 Robotic Colour Divider...
When I stepped into Chung Ling High School compound, I was get invited by my previous teacher Mr Lye to visit the Robotic Lab. Robotic Lab in Chung Ling was located next to class 5SB4 which was my class last year. Well, I just check it out for around 10 minutes inside!

#4 Juniors excited to play with the robotic machine

#5 The awesome making from the juniors which like a Fun Fair Theme all in Robotic...

#6 The Robotic system was interactive and still can bound the ball to other side.
I was proud and glad to see that Chung Ling High School had improved a lot on their hardware and also the soft skill in educations. Now being a Chung Ling student, you're internationally recognized because in Chung Ling High School, you can learn a lot of stuffs! Not only study, you can learn something interesting from clubs and societies too.

#7 Visit the History of Chung Ling

#8 Paper craft building structure of Chung Ling Private High School

#9 Chung Ling Private High School's History View

#10 The guests were checking out the information about Chung Ling

#11 Concept Drawing Building Structure of Chung Ling Butterworth High School, Nice!
Next, I moved on to visit the history of Chung Ling High School and refer to the past achievements of my school. My school had really changed a lot since I was graduated on year 2011. It turned to be brighter and newer look, exactly looks like an international school which full of facilities. I love my school Chung Ling...

#12 Chung Ling High School under the hot sun! :D

#13 There was crowded of people in the food fair

#14 Chung Ling students are always funny when meet each other

#15 Some of the students even brought their parents and family together
In this Chung Ling Carnival, there were having food fair too. This was the first food fair I ever seen in Chung Ling. But it was too bad I have graduated and no chance to involve in it. Well, it's a good starting to have food fair in my school.

#16 LIVE Band Performance on the stage

#17 Guests and supporters were sitting in front of the stage and watching
Besides food fair, there was a lot of performances that presented by Chung Ling Private High School students. I like their performances very much and there was a lot of supporters under the stage. Those guests were enjoying their food while watching the performances. There were having LIVE Band, Sing, Drum Performances, Dances and many more. Seriously, Chung Ling Got Talents! Good! :D

#18 Dancing Performance from Chung Ling Private Students

#19 Yes Food everywhere don't scare you will hungry just scare that you not enough money! :D

#20 Even the Chung Ling International Student Camp delegates also involve in this carnival.

#21 Basketball Match among the Chung Ling alumni
At last I have completed this post and I know it was a few months ago. I hope you don't mind viewing it and I will try my best to update more blog posts in upcoming days. Thanks for supporting and at last I have to say, Chung Ling High School is the best Thank you! Posted by GenYong 17.09.2012


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