Monday, September 24, 2012

Georgetown Festival 2012 (Part 2)

Continue from the previous post, after the opening ceremony by Penang State Chief Minister CM Lim Guan Eng there were more and more people joined into the crowds and make the quiet street turned to be even lively. Let's see those photos below:

The street was starting to be crowded as you can see even the foreign tourist also came over and have a look on it. The booth were ready to show off what they have and serve the best to visitors.

#1 The group photo with my parents.

#2 I was there practice how to break a hard wood, it looks easy but not really.
#3 The good and original brewed tea. It's nice and original! :D
#4 Some visitors were tried to break the hard wood but it ends up with smiles.
#5 My mum thumbs up on the original brewed tea too! 
#6 The foreign tourists also glad to have a photo with the local cultural artists.
Besides chinese culture arts, there was some malay and indian cultures also. Together we showed our love to our heritage town. They performed some malay tradition dances and also perform the kompang beating. It was really fun! 
Our CM Lim Guan Eng was visited each booth and taste for their food also. I was glad to have the chance shake hand with him. 
A visit to the heritage house which is also the base for the first China man who landed in Penang. In this house, we were guide by the organizer and he explained everything to us. At night there was a team of orchestra performed on the music too.
#7 The foreign tourist also try out on the hard wood cutting
#8 Lastly I also met with my friend a.k.a Leo buddy Luke Goh who was involved in the event too.
Well, it's a nice celebration for Georgetown. I hope this event can be continue annually and attracts more and more people to participate on it. I love Penang Heritage, do you? Posted by GenYong 24.09.2012


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