Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Giant Supermarket Farlim

Good news to Penang Air Itam Region residents. There is another new shopping side for residents to purchase their daily goods. It is Giant Supermarket Farlim, it is located at All Season Places, which is a new township of Farlim along the Thean Teik Road. Giant Departmental Store (Malaysia) had expanded their business at Farlim and open for service the resident with the fresh goods out there.
It is the 4th Giant outlet in Penang Island after Penang Plaza, Prangin Mall, Bayan Baru. It is not really large scale like hypermarket, just can be said that it was like a convenient neighbourhood store. Its open really beneficial to all the Farlim residents!
Previously this building was owned by the Belleview Group which is the developer of the All Season Places. It was the Property Show Gallery that owned by Belleview Group as now it has turned to be the place for Giant Supermarket to operate their business.

I went there with my family while there was the Agong's birthday holiday. It was just open for a few days and there was crowded of people. Maybe there are a new place so many of people were going there to take a look on the new environment plus that day is public holiday too, that's why there were so many people. Well, it was having a big deal discount there too! 
The Giant Supermarket has 2 floors which the ground floor is selling groceries goods, food, vegetables and many more. Whereas for 2nd floor, there are the daily products section which selling clothes, electrical stuffs, house cabinets and many more. This supermarket is quite big and nice, the escalator I think is the longest escalator that I saw in Penang before! This Giant supermarket is quite cool and nice but maybe it's quite crowded when I was there and I feel not so comfortable.
All Season Place is a new township for Farlim that developed by Belleview Group. Previously this place is actually a construction site but due to economics crisis, the development end up with nothing and lately Belleview Group pledge to develop back the place. As inside this project there are Melody Homes, All Season Park 4 Condominiums Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, All Season Places Shoplots and also the Giant Supermarket! You can check out the website for more details!


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