Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chatime Suntech Penang

Chatime is a well known bubble tea company that franchised from Taiwan since year 2010. When it arrives in Malaysia getting many supports from the tea lovers which from KL mostly. Now the franchise network has expanded until the north and south zone of Malaysia. Up to Penang and down to Johor Bahru also having Chatime right now!
Recently my house estate there also opened up one new Chatime branch. It is located at Suntech Penang which near to Sunshine Square and also the Bayan Baru market. It's a good spot for those industrial office workers to buy their drinks here! It was also the 2nd outlet opened in South Zone of Penang Island since Queensbay Mall.
This outlet is not under my previous boss, it's under Chatime Malaysia which serves the thirstea deals! In Penang my boss only owned the only 2 outlets there are Chatime Gurney Plaza and Chatime Queensbay Mall, that's why you can see that whenever any deals from Chatime Malaysia, there will except Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. However this outlet concept really cool and nice!
I went there for several times since it opened on 20th May 2012. I was like the regular customer there! Quite nice with the drinks that they served and the service is good but still have some improvement there such as the speed of making a drink. However, I satisfied with the service they provided!
Tried their special Lychee Black Tea and share with my friend. Some drinks like Mango Black Tea can't find at there whereas some drinks from there can't find from my previous working place too! One reason, different management from different operators! xD
The outlet interior design was damn cool and it still contain of 2 floors which the upper floor can be used as a space for gathering or even having some games! Quite nice and their menu are as shown clearly by using the electrical signboard. The special one is their number counting device.... Once your drink has done, the number will blink! =) Overall the place is so suitable and nice to have drinks there! Can go and take a try... Posted by GenYong 06.06.2012


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