Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chung Shan Alumni Day Walkathon 2010

Hi everyone I am back here. Holidays start since yesterday!!
Recently on last month 31st October 2010, I had participated the Walkathon which organized by Chung Shan Alumni. SJK(C) Chung Shan where next to Penang International Airport was my primary school. I was there for 6 years! Now as I leave it for 4 years this was not the 1st time I back to there.

So on that day morning, my dad and I was heading to the school and we gathered there. 7.30am onwards we started to walk. Our destination point is to walk over the alumni centre which located next to Bayan Lepas police station. Let's see how we walk:
Around 80 people joined this event. It's the first time the alumni which included teenagers, children and also uncle and aunty there. I was the first time to join this event too after I had graduated from the primary. It's free and really not bad for Saturday morning exercise.
When we head over to Airport, I saw the roundabout which located outside the airport entrance. It's nice and I hope to take a nice shot for it. Now I already success on doing it!! Cool. Thanks to SP Setia for building it and it's already officially opened by our Chief Minister YAB Lim. This was attracted a lot of tourist and sometimes when I ride Rapid Bus I will heard from tourist praised on that!! XD
Sometimes when you drive over to Bayan Lepas, you will saw a building next to the police station. That building is the office for Chung Shan Alumni! Now they already rent to others to operate a clinic. That day every participant were there taking a group photo!
Then we head over to Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim and turn a round back to SJK(C) Chung Shan. Everyone was coming back and get the lucky draw number from the in charge person. Then the canteen also prepared some light breakfast for us!!
Everyone was waiting for their lucky draw number being announced. My dad was the first one to get the lucky prizes. But actually the organizer used to give everyone who completed the walk and stay with us!! Everyone get the prizes.
After that I had a football match with those alumni. Got teenagers and uncle! Wow some uncles really powerful and they really play a nice game!! Cool and it was fun have a morning time with them. I hope that there will have more and more this kind of activities happen on my primary. Posted by GenYong 18.11.2010

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