Friday, April 23, 2010

虎啸 Chinese New Year Celebrations 2010 (Part 2)

Continue from last post, now we come to 孝 which carry the meaning of respect. You have to respect the elders which included siblings, parents, teachers and many more. So are you now respecting them? LOL. If do not you have to try to appreciate because not everything in your expectation.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
This section was done by Tzu Chi which an organization carry most of the charities in the world.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
If you understand Chinese, you should understand the meaning right? The meaning is roughly means that Filial is one of the way to being good! So being filial today, try to respect to everyone especially parents.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
The little boy was asked to show his respect to his mum! Good boy.

Up next, we walked to another side and saw the Kong Zi 孔子 performance. Kong Zi was a education guy and he taught a lot of students in China before century. His effort is still remember by students nowadays and also you can find a movie called 孔子 too in passed few months.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
Then we went to the 猜灯谜 section which called to guess the questions. It's hard for me when I read all the poems and I really catch no balls. Haha! You can see that many of them were trying to get the answers and my dad just successfully get about 3 correct! Trust me, it's hard.
虎啸 CNY Celebrations 2010 by GenYong.
He is Christopher Ke Xuan who was my senior. He is the president for GBBM Sungai Ara Branch! He is good in academics and also activities! Cheers... =) He gave me a lot of knowledges too. Thanks Ke Xuan!
Part 3 coming up next! =) Stay Tuned. Posted by GenYong 23.04.2010


Boon Kheng said...

Hello! How have you been? I'm now in 2nd yr of my degree prog in Melbourne, Australia. Bsides dat I'm on my own domain,, so refresh (or add 2!) ur memory if you havent done so.

Good luck in ur studies!

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