Friday, May 7, 2010

Sports Day 2010 Sales *Badges

Sports Day 2010
Hi all,
This year we seems to work different due to the request from school! In the passed few years, while sports day we will sell ice cream and even last year we sell pizzas too! Our purpose of selling food is to cheer up those students and let them have chance to relax with outside food. But this year school department no longer allow us to do that, we try to apply for food selling but at the end failed.
Sports Day 2010
We didn't give up and now we are selling special made badges in sports day. Hence, there are Young Enterprise and us selling souvenirs this year. The same place, same people, same attractions, but the special items are just for you!
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Red Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Yellow Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Green Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Blue Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
The original!

Come on let's come to our stall and collect all!
We are selling each for RM 1.50
If you buy 4 free 1 RM 6.00

We will set up our booth in front of Block B which in front of 5SC1/5SC2/5SC3. Come and visit us! I am sure we will treat you better =) in lower price, the good quality. Sports Day rocks! =)

Time : 7.30am - 12.30pm
First come, first serve! ~)

GenYong Yik Fong
General Manager

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