Friday, April 9, 2010

In Physics Lab

I brought my camera to school last week for the purpose of societies. When there was Physics period, we felt that there was boring so I took out the camera and snap else where. My physic teacher is a trainee Mr Lin who graduated from USM. I am quite enjoying when his lesson and sometimes it will feel boring to me.

I not really understand what is he teaching actually and luckily I got tuition backup me! I have to work harder to catch up with those chapters and understanding the concept of Physics. One week we seems to go for laboratory several times, compare to last year is increasing much! So all the lab stuffs I explored before.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Jiun Wei was reading his chinese novel.
What are you going to do in lab? Reading novels? Doing assignments? or playing and chit-chatting with friends? Now let's see what my class doing when there was a physic lesson in one day.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Wei On is paying attention on the lesson.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Chee Weng was doing his assignments.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Tze Yung and Kevin were working hard on their Mathematics exercises.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Tze Chiat and I were cam-whoring ourselves. OMG! XD.
In Physic Lab by GenYong.
Jia Cheng was playing some light games with monitor.
It's boring when physic lesson. But actually I try to pay attention during lesson going on! So what are doing when you are bored in class? LOL. Posted by GenYong 09.04.2010

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