Friday, October 5, 2012

Botanical Garden Outing with Family

Penang is a great place, besides having a nice beach in Batu Ferringhi. There are also a few Green Spots for the citizen. One of that is the largest Park in island, which called Botanical Garden. Inside the Botanical Garden there are having a lot species of plants. Citizens usually will spend their weekends evening having a jog or a walk there for being exercise themselves.
#1 The Green plants on the flower pot.
#2 The Botanical Garden has been changed a lot. Since the failed project of building the two large gate and now it turned into the beautiful lily pond and attracted a lot of people taking photographs here.

#3 The funny camwhoring of myself.

#4 Under the leaves of Lily plants.

#5 It was like looking up from the pond.
P/s I actually placed my camera on top of the lily leaf and snap it carefully.

#6 My dad and sister were enjoying the moments of walking around the pond.

#7 Here come to the Botanical Garden. Choose your way, long or the short one?

#8 Here we go, we chosen the short one.

#9 There was a band performance in the park by the Chung Hwa Confucian School.

#10 It was attracted a lot of audiences to enjoy the music while exercising in the park.

#11 Many of the Penangites were there enjoying their jogging and walking there.

#12 The walkway of Botanical Garden.

#13 Some flowers and beautiful plants found in Botanical Garden.

#14 My dad and mum having photo together under the flower garden.

#15 My sister and mum in action.

#16 Here come my turn and my beloved mum.

#17 I was sweating all the way when taking the photos.

#18 Some random shot in a closed garden although photography is prohibited. Who cares? xD

#19 Taking a camwhoring photo with my sister at the entrance of Botanical Garden.

#20 Myself camwhoring at the entrance before we leave. It looks funny, i know! :D

#21 Finally, we were having a group photo by my dad.
It was a nice family outing although we were first time there in the evening. I was long time never been to Botanical Garden. I feel proud because Penang have such kind of relaxing park for the citizens to relax their mind after a week of hard works. I wish I can be there more frequently for every weekends if can. Posted by GenYong 05.10.2012


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