Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UTAR-ians H2O Community Camp

UTAR H2O Community was having their own organized camp in previously. I was taking part on behalf as a task force for the event. I was having semester break on that time that's why my consumer club president invited me to participate on that event.
It was the early morning at Beach Street and since the state government had announced it will be the Car Free Zone on every Sunday from 7am until 5pm so the lively street turn to be no more car on that day. So all the citizens can come out to have fun with family like cycling, playing sports and many more.
#1 Those are the stuffs for our game station in the camp.
#2 My funny expression been captured by my friend John Tan. :D
We were supervising the game station of "Hamster Run" on that morning. The game was played in a group of participants which they have to use the newspaper provided to build up a kit like hamster kit in circle and everyone must be stepping and holding the paper to walk for 1km. It looks easy but when you do it, it was tough. Well, somehow when the game comes to the end we used to let it go for every group although it was not. xD

#3 Some of the participants met up their friends and had a chit chat there.

The same group as well and now they were playing jumping over for a few distance. Same thing, looks easy but seriously it's hard to play.
They played happily in a group and the team spirits were strong. Although it was not that smooth while playing the games, as they will try their best to complete up the mission. Good!
#4 It was CAR FREE Day so you can spot bicycles on the road there!
The sun getting brighter and hot so the organizer decided to end up the game and we then proceed to 1st Avenue for their closing ceremony. It was really hot under the sun and when we stepped in the mall it was like so cool. Nice :D
#5 Here come the random group photos from my camera. There were around 50 peoples joining this event!
#6 We went for pool playing while having the free time before the event ends.
#7 He is John Tan who is my groupmates and best friend too. He is nice and friendly responsible guy! 
#8 After the pool game, we bought a drink from BlackBall to chill ourselves - Passion3Q Green Tea.
Before we went to dinner at Harbour Place which located at Macallum Street, we did ourselves chilling at the seaside. We went to Jelutong Harbour Place and have a seat chit chat with each other. 
#9 Jack Heng and me, he is also a friendly guy who involved in a lot of events too.
#10 My indian friend, Kathiravan. We knew each other since primary school. He is the indian who can speak Chinese language fluently! 
#11 My good friend John Tan, knew him since I was in Form 1. He is a good and responsible guy! 

So we end up with the dinner and said goodbye to all the UTAR-ians. From this camp, I experienced on how to be a station game supervisor and also how to organize a community event. It was tough to have a good event like this so maybe I need more experiences in upcoming days. Thanks to all my friends who spent their time with me on that day and of course thanks to Consumer Club for inviting me to join this. Posted by GenYong 09.10.2012


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