Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where's GenYong recently?

Hello my blog readers,
I am sure that you will ask me where's GenYong? Where did he went? I am GenYong here. I am not going to NS or anything as I was too busy on my school stuffs and societies. Really! I really experience on the busy life. I am tired and lazy to update my blog too! But you can catch up with me on facebook, twitter or plurk.

So where did I go for this whole month? As everyone know that I am a Leo now, so I surely went to Leo functions. Anyway, in the previous month Region 1 Leos having 3 big projects on Walk For Sight, Leo Idol and also Wok For Love.11th April 2010 - Walk For Sight group photos credited from Facebook Min Xiang.18th April 2010 - Leo Idol 2010 Penang Challenge Champion Leo Club of Penang City!25th April 2010 - Wok For Love Cooking Competition Committees Photo. Credited from Facebook MinXiang 07th May 2010 - Sports Day 2010 Sales Badges selling!

I spent a lot of times and efforts on club stuffs and school stuffs. I am now trying to catch up my homework too. I will try my best to catch up everything as I can. An advice to everyone, being a leader is not so easy as you think! You have to sacrifice much.

Exam coming soon, I will not update so often but you can follow me on facebook! Anyway, wish everyone Happy May, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Exam and Happy Everyday. XD!
By GenYong


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