Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leo Club Key Officers Photos Shoot Out (Part 2)

After everything get ready, we start to take some shots under the Chung Ling clock tower. Using 2 cameras, one is mine and another DSLR was borrowed from my friend. Anyway, we were making fun during the photos taking and it was great when saw the photos that taken! Let me share the joy with you guys:
Lester Panai was elected as my president for the fiscal year 2010-2011 Leo Club of Chung Ling High School... He is a kind person and also a charming guy since many of his fans called him as "Malaysia Lee Hom"! Anyway, he was really supportive and active in those activities!
A group photo from me with him! Both of us are Treasurer and President respectively. I am looking forward for the spirit between us in this fiscal year! ROAR.
Both handsome guy (Lester and Ivan) act cool and face on the sky! It's pretty cool and nice. Looks like artist... XD!
That day was world friendship day and the rules of celebrating this event was hugging each other to shows that you care about your friend. So we decided act to camera and shows that we supported this celebration! XD... OMG I think we are too gay, will us? Posted by GenYong 12.09.2010

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