Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leo Club Key Officers Photos Shoot Out (Part 1)

Last Wednesday, I was borrowed the DSLR camera from my friend Yu Jun to take the photos of Leo Key Officers 2010-2011 for the slide presentation on the Region 1 Leo Clubs Joint Induction and Installation. So that day, we stay back at school and took some photos under the clock tower of Chung Ling High School.

Before we start the photos shooting, we did some preparation and testing on camera. We had taken some shots on those funny actions!
He is Ryan Lim who is the popular blogger Chien Ming's brother! Looks alike?
Then we take a camwor.. haha! From left Ivan Lim, me and Jia Jee! We are Leos... ROAR. Ivan Lim is the project planning director and me treasurer then Jia Jee is fund-raising director.
Wow prefects bully kids? hahaha... no la just an action. Taking funny shots on them! They are the best actors in Chung Ling.. XD. Lester is my president for Leo Club and he was always making jokes and having fun with us! Really a good and nice president.
Upnext, the muscle man Eng Keat was taking photo with Lester! Yes we are stronger than before! XD
Met Victor Tan who was the best drummer and funny MC. He was making jokes everywhere and he was one of the Leo Idol 2010 MC with Gini! Next post I will post about the Leo Key Officers official shoot up photos. Posted by GenYong 07.09.2010

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