Thursday, June 10, 2010

Popular @ KOMTAR (New Opening)

Hello guys, have you been the new opening Popular Komtar before? It is grand opening on 5th June 2010 by Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. For your information, in year 2004 due to Super Komtar moving out from the Komtar shopping complex, most of the retails also moved out mostly to the nearby new shoppping mall(that time), Prangin Mall.

After 6 years, the new Penang State Government is working hard to refresh Komtar and remain the government office in Komtar. So after so 2 years prepared, the Komtar has come out with the new spot that's Komtar Walk, Pacific Supermarket, Popular, Penang Largest ICT Mall(opening soon) at KOMTAR! It's really a good news for Georgetown and really a good job for state government!
This Popular outlet was the 1st outlet in Penang but now it turn into the 64th outlet in Malaysia. WoW! Really changed a lot. Anyway, this outlet was seems to be special and it is specially designed with the concepts of Georgetown Heritage!
The environment inside is so class with those white tiles. It looks so clean and tidy. There are plenty of books from Taiwan, China or any country too. There still have the special location for those theme books. It's awesome! Although it's not bigger than Gurney Popular but I can feel the similar style there! GOod.
For your information, I don't know starting from when the Prangin Mall Popular already closed. Anyway, according to my trip yesterday I went there and saw some of the workers were there clearing the stocks. I think they are going to move all the stocks to the new store! So now you do visit Komtar Popular and no longer Prangin Mall Popular! XD.
Yeah it's moved out! Anyway, what do you feel? The new location better or in the Prangin Mall better? For the new location is above the Maybank which the main entrance to the Komtar Tower! So you may visit there and search for your books! Holidays Jom Pergi! =) Posted by GenYong 10.06.2010


husni said...

it's the worst mistake the company ever make, the same for the local government trying to revive Komtar, some thing are better be left in the past so that people can move on

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