Thursday, June 3, 2010

1st Week of June LEO Updates

Hi everyone,
I am back now! Sorry for long time no updates. Anyway, here will have some announcement to everyone and also LEO members! This weekend will be the busy weekend for Penang LEO clubs.

First>> EDEN Charity Concert
Anyway, this friday(tomorrow) 4th June 2010, New Century Lion Club has organized a charity concert at Dewan Sri Pinang, time is from 8.00pm - 11.00pm.

Now we are looking for volunteer, it is really URGENT and I need your name by tonight! So now if you are interested, kindly contact me by email or facebook me! You can even phone me if you have my number! Please do so to show your support on charities! Thanks.

Next>> Penang Leos and Lions Charity Dinner
This Saturday (5th June 2010) we will have a charity dinner among Leos and Lions. Actually this dinner is a charity dinner for the memory of late Jason, Brendon and Yi Zhang. 117 Charity Dinner actually is the former name! So to those LEOs who are interested, now we still left some tickets. RM40 per person! Selling FAST now and do contact me too! Thank you very much.
The venue is at Han Chiang Stadium, time is start from 7.00pm onwards! Thanks for support and doing charity is the best part of life! Trust me. I am going too! =)
Here are some updates of LEO Club, for non-LEO you are welcome to these 2 events too! Do contact me and let me know! Recommend for Chung Ling High School guys.



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