Sunday, January 30, 2011

5SB4 Celebrated Pre-CNY 2011!!

Hi guys, Chinese New Year is just around the corner... So are you ready for it to come? As usual every year we are celebrating Chinese New Year with friends, families, relatives! In every year there were sure a lot of things to be prepared before CNY! So as the school had allowed us to have holidays starting today until next week! For the purpose to help out family on preparation.

Last Friday while we were at school, everyone was having the new year mood while study in class... Every period while teachers came in, we will wish teacher happy CNY first and request not to have homework during this holidays! Woo hoo!
At first, our dearest Sejarah teacher... Mr Thiaga who had the name of "Super Thiaga" lead to have the signatures first! For your information, Mr Thiaga really a good Sejarah examiner... his tips really so accurate and I trust at him!
After that, everyone was rushing to sign their name and wishes on the red paper! Wow... then I make sure there were 39 signatures there except those who were absent! It was so cool.. Wishing everyone happy CNY!!
Many of them waiting for their turn to sign the name and our sir was provided us the marker pens to put our signatures on the paper... Besides that, the atmosphere was so lively due to the school department still playing the CNY songs in the last period. So finally no lesson in the last period! xD
That's our signatures on the red paper that I take for some purposes... But they used half to put on their signatures! Not bad la... xD
Then in the end... we were having the group photos with everyone and means that we were greeting everyone over the world Happy CNY 2011! Happy Rabbit Year and have a nice day in the new year!! Up next I will post something new in my class! Check out my latest life now. Posted by GenYong 31.01.2011

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