Saturday, July 31, 2010

Return back! The 31st of July.

As on the previous blog post, I promised everyone that I will be back on 31st of July 2010 right? Now I am back. Finally everything was settle down and now I try to spend sometimes on my blog. Let me start my post from today first after that in next few posts review back in previous months photos. Anyway, the new month is coming on tomorrow! So are you ready for it?
Today I was attend 2 AGM and 1 activity in school! Co-operative Club AGM and Interact Club AGM, it's a surprise for the Co-operative Club new elected President Cheow Kah Lok! He didn't expect he can get President as he said. For Interact Club, it's a surprise for me because I just need to attend for the respect to the seniors. When I reach there, they announced my name as a publicity and funding director.
This year my co-curriculum AGMs are almost complete and many of my friends are being elected as President! So I would like to congratulate them together at here! For my involved clubs I would like to congratulate LEO Club President Lester Panai Labung, Action Group President Ong Ju Kit, Co-operative Club President Cheow Kah Lok, JCI Junior President Koh Weng Siang, Interact Club President Lim Seong Liew and Key Club President Tee Kah Ho.
The Treasure Hunt Organizing Committees!
Besides that, today I also attended to the Leo Club Treasure Hunt which organized by my assistant Nicholas Oh... Although I went late but I could see that he did a good job! I think members were satisfied this activities!


Anonymous said...

kah lok very handsome!!!I like him

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