Saturday, September 12, 2009

A shock update!

Alright guys here, I am sure you will ask me why I can update now. Actually I am not been allowing to online until 13rd of October. But seems FiSh was so looking forward for my updates then I have to do so... FiSh, happy? XD.

What I want to show you here is something about the exam session in school. I have received the PMR timetable. When I read it, I have a shock why this year definitely different from last year. The time not same at all. Last day have to stay back until 3.10pm, it's so hard to suffer la! ....
PMR Timetable
PMR Timetable
There you can see that.
Besides that my classmates was so funny and one guy ZiQuan took his toy gun to school. I don't know why he took come, for fun? Maybe.... But yesterday luckily I took my camera to school and they have the chance to take some shots and also recorded videos. The videos were really funny, my classmates acting and copy from the idea of 15Malaysia - Halal. They found it funny and acted by themselves...

P/s The videos I will modified first and upload it after my PMR. Sorry, I need time! Study first can? Haha...
He is Zi Quan who took toy gun to school... Don't report to POLIS nor school ya! Secret... XD!
Hey You!
Hey you! He's making pose...
He is Chu Gen who stand with me when the Merdeka Day shot....
HengYoung was holding the gun to JenSheng.
G.Ian Joe
Why G.I Joe? Because my friend named Guang Ian, So G.I Joe! Haha... Funny? He's carry out his duty to rescue the hostage. It's a story inside... have to ask my friend.

I think that's enough for this update... So hopefully FiSh, you will like it...=) and everyone too! Posted by GenYong 12.09.2009


Anonymous said...

Damn, indeed cool info. Where can I find your subscription?

Jane Trider

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