Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who is GenYong?

Just let you know who are GenYong!!
GenYong that's mean me la!!
That's sure thing!!
Now let me describe about me!!

I am a student who study at CLHS.....ChungLing High School!!
Which study at 1T14.....
School number is C8886.....
Society: Chinese Orchestra, CLHS Co-operative, Board of Action Group.............
Which is the most friendly guy at school.....(Maybe la)
I just like to blog, sufnet, do something intresting and can earn money!!
I like to help people who in problem!!
Just look teachers as my friends!!
My full name is Yong Yik Fong
Chinese name is 杨伊丰
If you are in 1T14, you should know me!!
Okay just describe me like that............
Any problem can leave comment for me!!

Update Soon!! Support me!!
By GenYong 26/09/2007

1 comment:

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