Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vote for me in Blogger's Choice Awards!

Good morning guys, I was register in Blogger's Choice Award. My blog in the category of Best Blog of All Time. Find my site and vote for me! I am looking forward your voting. Thanks much that can I say first! Alright, as this I created a image to represent it too. Let see:I use Photoshop to create this picture. As me a beginner, just simply crop and paste it. So what comment can you leave? Anyway, you can just leave it on my chatbox or my comments box! Remember search me on Blogger's Choice Awards and vote for me! Yo! Posted by GenYong 13/03/2008


Eric said...

Want to vote but cannot find ur blog ...

CAn show the links ?

GenYong said...

All of my voters, vote for me on this link:

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